Per Season

Ages 2 – 12yrs.
Our 8-week training program allows us to provide enough teaching that allows the kids to improve from any level they arrive here at. Also, within 8 weeks, children learn and have fun without getting tired of the activities, or the sport itself. Our set up includes soccer games, every other Saturday in the 8 weeks of the entire program. The four games allow kids to play games against other children within the 2in1Soccer organization. Due to long weekends, and/or weather conditions, some seasons are limited to 3 game days. For more information on our set up and games, click here.


Prices Per Season (Excluding 5% tax). No Extra Cost for Games

Per Season Discounts
Ages 3-4 [30mins]
One Day a week – $85
Two Days a week – $170
2 Registrations – 10% off
Ages 5-8 [45mins]
One Day a week – $99
Two Days a week – $198
3+ Registrations – 15% off
Ages 9-12 [60mins]
One Day a week – $110
Two Days a week – $220
$10 Discount per referral

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Adults/ Parents
One Day a week – $80
Games Included in Prices

Games | You are responsible for making sure you attend every game and on time. No refund for missed games.

Refund Policy 

$10 cancellation fee applies to processed registrations. If cancellation is within 2 weeks of practice, the refund is 75%. Cancellation from after 2 weeks to 4 weeks will bring a refund of 50%. There is no refund for participants who go past half way of the season.

Extra Small – Extra Large: $50
Practice t-shirts: $20

*You are not expected to buy uniforms every season; children don’t grow out of their uniforms until 2 years later for the most part. 

Our Programs


Fall Season

8 Weeks Indoors

Winter Season

8 Weeks Indoors

Summer Camps


Spring Season

8 Weeks Outdoors